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July 25, 2017



July 16, 2016

Mordeliza Academy is now a registered school - 2015

Mordeliza Academy has grown from an unlisted, backyard school for AIDS disadvantaged orphans to a large, modern facility with 116 students, pre-K- 8th grade. Until now Mordeliza was seen as a tutorial center preparing students for national exams. It is legal to run an unregistered school in Kenya if you charge no fees. In order to become more self-sufficient students whose families can afford it will need to pay fees. Currently the fees collected cover classroom materials.

There are many requirements to be a registered school. We are meeting these requirements one at a time. So far we have provided fencing for the school grounds and a new latrine. Next we want to provide guttering and water tanks so that children can wash their hands at mealtime. More staff will be needed: a nurse, a part-time social worker and a security guard. When the dormitories are completed we will need caretakers for both boys and girls.

Dr Risper Awuor's aim for Mordeliza Academy is to prepare students for higher education by holding students to the highest possible academic standards. Successful students will be given the opportunity to go on to residential high schools where a large percentage of students continue on to University. Dr Awuor wants to create African Leaders who can raise their families out of illiteracy and poverty.

July 16, 2016

Shelter the Children

The Ngeta Foundation is partnering with Shelter the Children to fund dormitory space for our homeless orphans. When Cassandra Heller visited Mordeliza Academy last Christmas, she saw a small girl who had been stung by a bee. The little girl cried but had no one to comfort her. This impressed on Cassandra the need to build dormitories for the boys and girls who had nowhere else to go. She is determined to raise $50,000 to build, furnish and staff these dormitories. As Mordeliza Academy grows, this need has become more pressing. shelterthechildren.org will operate under the umbrella of the Ngeta Foundation to collect and transfer funds to Kenya where Cherian Awuor, Dr. Awuor's son, will supervise the construction.

July 16, 2016

Graduates of Mordeliza Academy

Sixteen Mordeliza graduates are continuing their education in High School. Last year there were only nine to support. Next year 2 - 3 will be continuing on to University. Each graduate costs $800 to $1000 a year.

Sending our graduates to residential high schools is a giant leap for these children. Many have never left the village. They have owned nothing. They are used to hunger. Suddenly they are among strangers, getting regular meals and responsible for their possessions - uniforms, books, a mattress, bedding, sports kits, and personal care items. They are in a culture where education is valued and encouraged.

July 16, 2016

Mordeliza Academy is top among the region's 60 schools

Our 8th form (8th grade) student test scores were top in the region; immediately other schools wanted to hire our Headmaster. We rushed to give him enough of a raise to keep him.

July 16, 2016

Accomplished with your help:

  • We have become a national, registered school.
  • The number of students has risen from 50-120.
  • We have new tables and chairs. The new tables were made out of plywood that had been used for forms for pouring concrete. Old desks were not discarded and are still in use.
  • The number of teachers has risen from 3 to 7.
  • Beans and rice are now served for lunch on Friday. Other days, 'ugali' (corn porridge) is served. We are told that students and staff get off their sick bed to attend Friday's meal.

Students enjoying Friday lunch with beans & rice in new classroom with electricity, new and old tables and new chairs.

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