Our Needs

Wasting water: During the rainy season, huge amounts of water run off the roof, creating erosion and mud puddles around the school building. When the dry season comes the wells dry up and there is a scarcity of usable water. $3000 was donated for this project.

  • guttering for classroom building ($600)
  • tanks for collecting water (2 tanks, $800 each)

Hostel for homeless high school students: These students have nowhere to go on holidays and breaks. We need housing for them. A memorial gift of $3000 was donated for this project.

  • two spaces have been identified and considerable work is needed to convert these to student hostels, one for boys and one for girls.
  • bunk beds and bedding are needed
  • storage space for their few personal belongings

Faculty office and support: Currently there is one table per classroom for teacher use. No other facilities have been provided. We need $3000-4000 for this project.

  • office for Head Master
  • office for Administrative Assistant
  • office space for 7 teachers
  • desks and chairs for offices
  • locked storage cupboards for office supplies and exams
  • health insurance for teachers and staff ($6/month per person)

Student classrooms: classrooms need to be furnished. About $2000 is needed currently.

  • more tables and chairs for students
  • whiteboards, some with grids for math classes
  • screens for windows
  • cupboards for classrooms

Food and Kitchen: Faculty and staff are provided with breakfast and lunch consisting of cooked cornmeal paste called ugali. Tiny whole fish and vegetables are added when available. Food is cooked on a single stove on the ground. Food is stored in a locked bedroom of a faculty member.

  • building a kitchen with safe storage space for food (vermin-proof, locked) ($7000)
  • bigger pots and utensils (pots @$100 each.)
  • adding more protein to meals (goats, rabbits, fish?) Increments of $2000 would supply protein for approximately 2 terms.

Outings: One of our most important offerings is field trips for the students. Many children had never seen Lake Victoria which is only two miles away, let alone the Rift Valley or a local volcano. The younger children have never been to a city or seen an indoor market.

  • a year of outings costs $1000

Operations: As a Registered School we have new costs and requirements.

  • a part-time social worker (cost of $85/month)
  • a fence with a locked gate (cost of labor $2000; materials have been obtained.)
  • a visiting nurse (about $100/month)
  • $2000/month for salaries, food, office supplies and insurance
  • $800/year for each graduate in high school (16 for this year, maybe 20 for next year)
  • $1000/year for students continuing on to university (we expect our first 2 or 3 this year)

Emerging needs: To continue to grow a quality school, we need to be competitive.

  • satellite and server for internet connection and cell phones
  • computers, copier and printer for teachers
  • increased access to educational resources, such as a computer, software, maps, e-books., etc.
  • salary increases for teachers and staff to equal public schools

Contact:     mordelizaacademy@gmail.com