Our Achievements


  • New school building: We built a 2 story, permanent stone classroom building with 6 large classrooms with electricity. In 2011 Mordeliza Academy was using 2 dilapidated huts for 50 children. The new building was dedicated in July 2014. We now have 7 teachers, 7 staff and 120 students.
  • Registered School: Until this year we were categorized as an exam prep center, not a legal school. We are now a Registered School and we are facing a daunting list of requirements for legal schools. Examples: new latrines (done), fencing with locked gate (in process), 15 children per class, part time social worker, security guard, school nurse.
  • National exam center: Until now we've had to transport children to other schools to take their exams after each term. Our students' scores were attributed to the schools where the exams were taken. This January we will be able to give national exams at Mordeliza Academy to our own students; our school will be credited with their scores.
  • Academic excellence: This year our 8th form (8th graders) got the highest scores in our region of 54 schools. This caused a crisis because other schools wanted to hire our headmaster. We provided an immediate raise to retain him.
  • Administrative assistant: we just hired our first administrative assistant to buy food, keep records of attendance & test scores, pay bills, keep the books, buy office supplies and liaise with the Department of Education.
  • Hostel for high school students: money has been donated and this project will be completed by September 2016.
  • We have sixteen graduates in high school. Our top girl graduate is in a top residential girls school. Her first term grades are excellent. We are scrambling to cover high school fees, teacher salaries and food for 116 students, teachers, staff and some little brothers and sisters.


  • Enrollment has increased from 48 students to 116 students. New students admitted with the understanding that they will pay some fees. We have seven teachers. Chairs are purchased and study tables are built from the forms used to pour the concrete. Eight graduates go to high school.
  • Our eighth for students score highest in our district of 54 schools. There are immediate efforts to hire our Headmaster. We gave him enough of a raise to keep him.


  • Construction is completed. Dedication ceremony in July. The electricity is turned on. Classrooms are occupied for Fall term (term 3). There are five teachers and 50 students.


  • Construction nears completion.


  • Construction on six new classroom building begins. We have four teachers and thirty students.

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