The Ngeta Foundation provides financial support for the Mordeliza Academy

The Mordeliza Academy is a primary school in the village of Ngeta, Nyanza province, Kenya. It was established in 2006 by Mordoch and Risper Awuor, educators and citizens of Kenya, in response to a need in their home village. Local children were dropping out of primary school due to poverty and lack of interest in education. Many children had lost one or both parents to AIDS and were living with non-working widows and grandmothers. These guardians were unable to pay the costs of public schools for uniforms, books and school fees. Often they were unable to provide adequate food for the children in their care.

The mission of the Mordeliza Academy is to keep these children in school, provide the highest standard of education possible and put them firmly on the path of higher education. For these children, Mordeliza Academy continues to charge no fees, provide uniforms and supplies, and offer a morning snack and a lunch.

The Ngeta Foundation provides support to the Mordeliza Academy in three principle ways:

Hut where children attended class

Students & teachers 2011

The First Two Years (2012 and 2013)

When the Ngeta Foundation was incorporated, the Mordeliza Academy had been in operation for six years. There were four teachers and 35 students. Classes for grades pre-school to eighth grade were held outdoors and in two huts, both of which were deteriorating. There was an immediate need for permanent classrooms.

Building began in October 2011 with the purchase of stone and sand. By March 2012 part of the first story had been completed. At that time construction was suspended due to the death of Mordoch Awuor, one of the co-founders. Construction resumed in October 2013. By March 2014 the school was under roof. A dedication ceremony for the new classroom building was held in July 2014. Dr. Putney was personally involved from the beginning of the building process through the dedication ceremony.

The finished school

Dignitaries examine new classroom

Community leaders at ribbon cutting ceremony

Risper Awuor as Estill Putney departs after the dedication

In 2013 a program was begun to send graduates of Mordeliza Academy to residential high schools. We looked for schools with records of high academic achievement, that is, a high percentage of high school graduates continue on to University. Scholarships are granted to Mordeliza Academy graduates who pass the national exams with sufficiently high scores for admittance to high school. In January 2013 the first two graduates were awarded scholarships to attend high school.

2014 and 2015

In 2014 we had five teachers and 47 students and they moved into the newly constructed school in September. There were eight scholarship students in high school.

Mordeliza Academy became a Registered school in January 2015. Becoming a Registered school entailed increasing the student body from 50 to 120. We now have 7 teachers and continue to provide food and uniforms for the students. We are required to build new latrines, provide security, and build a fence with a locked gate. We are also required to have a part time social worker, a nurse, and running water.

Where we are now: 2016

The Ngeta Foundation is endeavoring to support 134 children, 11 staff and 16 graduates in high school. That is a lot of support. We are furnishing classrooms, paying teacher salaries, providing food, paying for testing, providing scholarships for graduates and providing school outings. Many children have never seen Lake Victoria which is only two miles away.

We are in the process of increasing salaries and providing health insurance for faculty and staff. We are working to fulfill the requirements of national registration, improve meals (especially adding more protein) and increase access to educational resources, such as a computers, software, e-books.

Homeless children: Some of our children have nowhere to go, no family, only school.We are partnering with to raise funds for building dormitories for these homeless children.

Our website: is online and still being populated with information about Mordeliza Academy.

Donate button: We are adding a Click and Pledge donate button to our website.

Collecting rainwater: Gutters and tanks have been purchased to collect rainwater from the school building. They are being installed.


The school is run by the surviving Founder, Dr. Risper Awuor, a graduate of Virginia Tech with a PhD in Educational Research and Statistics. Dr. Awuor is currently Dean of the Faculty of Education and Psychology at the Asia-Pacific International University in Thailand. Requests for funds are made by Dr. Awuor in consultation with teachers, the School Chairman in Ngeta and the construction Supervisor (Cherian Awuor, son of Risper Awuor, a qualified engineer volunteering his time without salary.) The Ngeta Foundation provides the funding as we are able.

Verification: Photocopies of receipts, calling letters, grade transcripts and photos of construction are sent from Mordeliza Academy by mobile phone camera to the director of the Ngeta Foundation.

Fundraising: Our aim as a foundation is to become a publicly supported charity, using the following resources:

Our website,, to provide updates and solicit donations. Power point presentations to churches and civic groups. Email updates and letters to friends and donors.

On our website we will offer a menu of needed items, listing their costs so that donors can choose to make specific donations, such as whiteboards and markers, software, glass and screening for windows. The School Chairman will be responsible for seeing that the funds are applied as specified. When possible, photos will be taken of the items purchased to send to the donor.

The Future: By January 2017 Mordeliza Academy will have graduated four classes. A few Mordeliza graduates will be ready for university. Students with high test scores will be eligible for government loans to attend university. There is a co-pay of $600 per year with these loans. At that time we would like to consider further scholarships for all or part of the co-pay for academically successful Mordeliza graduates to attend college.

Some of the children are lost to the school because their guardian dies. In future we would like to have dormitory spaces for boys and for girls to live in residence even if they have no guardian remaining in the village.

We plan to develop into a publically supported charity.

Non-discrimination Policy: Mordeliza Academy does not discriminate in admissions or awarding scholarships based on race, ethnicity, sex or disability. The current cost of the first year in a residential high school is approximately $800. Each school sends a letter of admission including an invoice for tuition, fees and a list of items for the student to bring. These items include a mattress, clothes, toilet items, bedding, reference books, a sports kit and uniforms. Costs for fees and tuition are paid directly to the school. Teachers, guardians and the School Chairman shop for the personal items. The subsequent years cost approximately $600. Fees vary from one school to another.

As funds are available they are transferred from Blacksburg, Virginia by Moneygram to either Dr. Awuor, the School Chairman or the construction Supervisor and, rarely, to associates who assist in placing the scholarship students in high schools at a distance from the village.

No compensation is planned or provided for any Ngeta Foundation personnel. During the process of application for tax-exempt status time spent on Foundation activity is about 20 hours a week. Normally it takes 6 - 10 hours a month to answer requests and transfer funds. No one at the foundation has any relatives or friends in Ngeta.

Donors: The main attraction of the Ngeta Foundation is that donors can do charitable work in Africa, knowing that the Executive Director has been there, can produce documentation of progress of the school construction and has a personal relationship of trust with the Founders. Donors trust the Foundation to use discretion in dispersing their contributions as needs arise.