For the support of Mordeliza Academy, the school, teachers, students and graduates.
Providing the highest standard of education possible in rural Kenya.

2016 News

  • Ngeta Foundation now has an official website
  • We have become a national, registered school
  • The number of students has risen from 50-120
  • The number of teachers has risen from 3 to 7
  • We have new tables and chairs. The new tables were made out of plywood that had been used for forms for pouring concrete. Old desks were not discarded and are still in use.
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Rose Florence

Orphaned and with nowhere else to go, Rose was brought to Mordeliza at a time when the academy had only one temporary classroom, adequate to house ten children and over capacity by twenty-five. Her dying grandmother was desperate and had no where else to take her. Unable to turn her away, we welcomed her into the academy. However, her life has not been an easy one and this was not without its hardships.

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Ngeta Foundation Student

Public Statement

Young children should be in school. They should have enough to eat so that they can learn. On a trip home my Kenyan Friends, Risper and Mordoch Awuor saw that there were too many children, some orphans, some living with sick or widowed mothers, who were not getting a basic education. So in 2006, with high hopes, they hired two teachers and founded the Mordeliza Academy in their home village of Ngeta, Kenya. It was planned to start small with a dozen or so children in first through third grade with classes held in an outbuilding near their home. The morning the doors opened 50 children came to be admitted. Picking the children in the most desperate circumstances they winnowed the number to 30.

I met Risper and Mordoch in 2008 just as Risper was completing her Ph.D. in Educational Research and Statistics at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. They invited me to visit Ngeta. I went in October 2011. Four teachers were serving 38 children in preschool to eighth grade. At the time Mordoch was sick and in pain. His vision was to build a permanent, stone classroom building, two stories high with electricity and water. I was there when the first stones were delivered. Mordoch died in the Spring. The Ngeta Foundation was incorporated and the walls of the first floor were standing.

The job of the Ngeta Foundation is to keep the school running.